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Hi! Im Sean I love computers and recently i actually decided to create my own gaming pc. I dont know how much itll cost but im still looking for a suitable pc with reasonable price that can handle heavy games. Also i am on a competetive swim team. We are still a relatively young team btu we are a group of really strong swimmers. I am really proud and greatful for having such a great coach and team they are very supportive and i am actually the eldest one there so they mostly look up to me. We also travel a lot to go to other big competitions around the country, we gave gone to many huge meets over the course of 4 years. I huess this website will be a semi-bloh since im going to be including updates on major swim meets and also updates on my computer situation when they come up. Other than that enjoy!

About Me


So this is where ill be sharing all and/or most of my experiences with my swimming. I started taking lessons when i was about 11 years old and i had already known how to swim very sloppily but i thought it was time to actually learn for real and my parents approved of this mostly because my family and i go on many many family vacations to many waterparks and beaches. When i started i was very shy mostly becuase i was a little blob of fat at the time. The other kids in my class were pretty nice and my instructor Eileen Towey was very patient. I was learning fast and i was just about ready to just stop the classes because i had it down until Ms.Eileen came up to my dad and told him about her new team that she was starting up adn she wouldve loved for my brother and i to be on it. Thats hwo it all started, my dad said yes but we didnt exactly take off from there, we thought we were hood until we saw what we were up against in our first competitiom. The other teams' swimmers were so experienced and fast that we were all just so intimidated, we had to really hide our nerves and go on with everything, the pool wasnt all too big maybe the size of our home pool and our home pool was small it was 20 yards and a normal competition pool is 25 yards. After the first meet for me the nerves were all gone and we jsut kept going to more and more meets and then a year later Eileen registered us all as USS swimmers meaning we would be able to compete in USS swim meets where our times and records woudl be kept track of and we would be able to qualify for a variety of tournaments. There was the Bronze, Silvers, Junior Olympics, Zone Qs, Sectionals, Nationals and finally the Olympic Trials. The first really huge competition we went to was in North Carolina and we didnt go as our normal small team The Blue Waves we combined with the teams from New Jersey, Manhattan and the Bronx and we were called the Metro Dynasty. We were a huge band of feared swimmers and we went in to that pool and dominated the whole competition winning first place. The most unforgettable huge competition though was in Puerto Rico! Yeah we went to Puerto Rico for a USS swim meet. We went as Metro Dynasty and it was a very tough meet but we emerged victorious and we congratulated the Puerto Rican team. A very recent huge meet that we have been to as Metro Dynasty was just last week February 12,13 & 14, 2016, at Washington D.C. It was an amzing meet and we all had so much fun, maybe even too much but i personally broke times (got faster) in every event i swam over there except for one. And because of swimming many other very exciting things have occured for example i have been interviewed for the news about 3-4 times, they were absolutely amazing experiences.

Puerto Rico Swim Trip

PC Build!

I love PCs, I also love video games, so recently i decided i was going to build my own gaming PC.